Nidhogg 2 – A Sequel to a LAN Favorite

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author image by Tycho | 0 Comments | August 29, 2017

“Outsmart your opponents with all kinds of weapons in this life or death tug-of-war that ends in the belly of a flying worm.”

This is the tagline for Nidhogg 2, the sequel to one of our all-time LAN favorites, from the official site. Nidhogg was a delightful little tug of war beat-em-up that made for intense 1 v 1 matches at LAN, often drawing a crowd to watch some of the closer matches up front on the big screen. Nidhogg 2 promises more of the same with more complexity and options for combat, including more weapons, moves, and strategies.  Oh, and, you still get eaten by a giant worm at the end, which is brilliant.

Might Nidhogg 2 make an appearance at the 2017 LAN?  Stay tuned. Time will tell.

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