• Legendary LAN 2019 is November 15-16, 2019 (7PM-7PM)
  • Registration is now Open!

How do I register for LAN?

Follow the below step-by-step.

create an account

To register for the LAN, you will need a site account. If you already have one, skip this step. Easily create one with the front end registration form – click “Register” above.

Register for the event

Navigate to the event page (or click here), and click “Join Now.” Scroll down a bit on that page to find all the details and information about the event listed. Your request to register will remain in pending status until seat is selected and payment received (see below steps).

Pre-Pay Registration Fee

Navigate to the store and select LAN Registration for purchase (or click here). Pre-Pay, and save $5! We charge a nominal entry fee for covering the cost of LAN – prizes, food, power, and annual costs for the group. NOTE: Once received, your request to join the event in Step 2 will be granted.

Register for Intranet, Select a seat

Navigate to the LAN Intranet Page (click here) and Register for an Account (see link on left side of page). You will have to create a new login as the site is wiped after each LAN. After registering for an account, pick a seat on the seating page, click “Sit Down”. The intranet site will be our go-to during the event.


There are no active tournaments for selected games.