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author image by Tycho | | 0 Comments | August 29, 2017
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Last month, the long-standing MMO Lord of the Rings Online released its latest expansion, Mordor.

While the MMO has been out for many years, it still has a significant online community and a friendly player-base. A group from Legendary LAN has been on LOTRO since its inception, and continues to play off and on. The group is on the server Brandywine, and our kinship is called “The Defenders of Naneth Lin”.

LOTRO certainly shows its age these days, but for fans of Tolkien, its hard to beat now being able to traverse the entire length of Middle Earth. It’s apparent the game’s creators poured their love of Tolkien’s works into the game.

The new expansion increases the level cap even further beyond level 100, adds a new race (High Elves), adds several new zones in Sauron’s domain of Mordor, and advances the story beyond the destruction of the ring.

The game is free to play. Feel free to join us on Brandywine!

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