Legendary LAN 2018 Tournament Lineup Announced

  • Legendary LAN 2023 is a wrap! Thanks to our 49 attendees! Until next year...
author image by Tycho | 1 Comment | September 6, 2018

Announcing the Legendary LAN 2018 Tournament Lineup!

Tourneys are chosen by our LAN admin team by a team vote in various categories:

-Boiloff Party Opener Tournament
-Team-Based Tournament
-Old-School Game Tournament
-Up-Front Tournament
-Strategy / RPG Tournament

As always, our tourneys are run in a way that is friendly to beginners of any one game, and we try to mix up the types of games to give everyone something that might be “their thing”. Everyone is encouraged to participate! (you will either be playing on balanced teams, playing games few have played before, or the format will be such that beginners can still make it far).

The more tourneys you participate in, the greater chance you’ll earn points at LAN and be our next LAN champ!

Also, for the first time ever over 11 years of our LANs, a game other than Counter-strike will occupy our LAN opener boiloff. It truly is the ‘year of battle royale.’ Get Hype!

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