Legendary LAN 2017 Announced!

  • Legendary LAN 2023 is a wrap! Thanks to our 49 attendees! Until next year...
author image by Tycho | 0 Comments | August 28, 2017

The LAN lives on!

Mark your calendars: the next 24-hr 40+ man LAN is now set for:

November 3 – 4 (FRI-SAT, 7PM – 7PM).

More information, pre-LAN tourneys and contests, official event tourney and swag lists, and signups will be coming your way soon!

Hard to believe we’ve been doing these things for 10 years! This year, to mark the anniversary, we go all out with our best event yet. Expect the same mix of laid-back atmosphere, unique format, welcoming environment, friendly competition, traditions and memories that makes these things a great time.

Feel free to post any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas to this thread on the website. Additionally, be sure to join the Facebook group for frequent updates and witty banter. We welcome your feedback on previous LAN’s and we’ll take them into consideration as we continue the planning process!

Additionally, we’ve transferred the LAN voice tool to Discord (formerly Teamspeak). We envision this being our main “hub” for LL community activity going forward and many are already on there. Please consider joining up!

Looking forward to more legendary times!

The LegendaryLAN Team

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