Goldeneye:Source Tournament Details

  • Legendary LAN 2023 is a wrap! Thanks to our 49 attendees! Until next year...
author image by Kenton | 0 Comments | November 9, 2018

One of the anticipated tournaments for Legendary LAN 2018 is Goldeneye:Source – a reboot of the N64 classic Goldeneye 007 using the Source Engine.

We will play 10 rounds consisting of various game modes and tally up the top scorers of each round. The top 10 players after the 10 rounds will advance to a final round where the top finishers will receive marathon points for the tournament.

Below are the planned maps and modes for Legendary LAN 2018, as well as description for each mode.

Round Map Mode Name
1 ge_bunker Deathmatch
2 ge_caverns Deathmatch
3 ge_temple_classic Man With The Golden Gun
4 ge_depot Gun Trade
5 ge_casino Deathmatch
6 ge_dam Living Daylights
7 ge_runway Deathmatch
8 ge_facility_backzone Man With the Golden Gun
9 ge_depot Deathmatch
10 ge_cradle Arsenal
Final (top 10 scorers) ge_complex_classic Deathmatch

Game Scenarios – (from the GoldenEye:Source Wiki)


Deathmatch is exactly like what you expect it to be, gritty hardcore violence aimed at your enemy’s head. The goal is to kill as many people you can during each round.

Man With The Golden Gun

Man with the Golden Gun exemplifies pistol marksmanship and competitive gameplay. The goal is to grab the Golden Gun that is somewhere on the map and use it to vanquish your opponents. As soon as you grab the gun you are painted as a bright gold target on the radar and everyone will be trying to kill you. The Golden Gun does not have a magazine and must be reloaded after every shot, making it very important that you place your shots carefully, although one shot kills!

Gun Trade

As the name suggests, the main mechanic of Gun Trade is trading weapons with your opponents, and the player with the highest amount of kills at the end of the round wins. Each player starts with a randomly selected weapon from a pool of 24 weapons available in game (Timed, Proximity or Remote Mines are not available in this mode). Upon killing an opponent, the 2 combatants swap weapons with each other. Killing players with the Slapper will remove the victims weapon from rotation, and assign a new weapon from the available pool of currently unused weapons to the attacker.

Living Daylights

Living Daylights is throw back to a scenario from GoldenEye 007. In this scenario, flags are strewn about the map when the round starts. Your objective is to grab a flag and hold onto it as long as you can, that is the only way to score points. While holding the flag you can collect ammo, weapons, and armor to increase the rate at which you obtain points, however your only weapon is the flag itself! You do receive a speed bonus while holding the flag to avoid conflict with other players. If you do happen to receive damage, a timer begins that awards you with extra points and armor if you do not receive additional damage during the countdown. When you pickup the flag your health and armor are refilled to the maximum.


Arsenal is a gameplay scenario that was inspired by a Counter Strike: Source modification. Each player starts off at the the same level/weapon and progresses down the list of 8 weapons in the current set, each weapon requiring 2 kills to advance to the next, and each becoming a more difficult weapon to secure kills with. The first person to make it to the final weapon (typically the Hunting Knife) is declared the victor.


To download, you will need to install the Source SDK Base 2007 from Steam, as well as the client runtime from the Goldeneye:Source website.

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