Practice CS Boiloff Tourney – Friday 9/16

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    There have been several requests to hold a practice Counterstrike Source “boiloff” tourney in advance of LAN night.  So, we know its short notice, but we thought we'd try to hold one tomorrow night (Friday 9/16) at 10PM on the new permanent LegendaryLAN CS server (server address: ).  Feel free to show up early as some of us will be on there in advance of start time.  Also, don't forget to download the map pack and feel free to join the rest of us on Teamspeak (Teamspeak server also found at  We will hold the tourney if we have at least 10 people show up and we plan to try to start promptly at 10. 

    Any and all are welcome to join in – even if you can't make the upcoming LAN.  Come on out and dust off those CS cobwebs!  For those who have never participated in one of our CS boiloffs, it works as follows :

    Participants will be randomly split into the two teams at the beginning of each map- Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist.  Each round will proceed until one side has scored 5 wins on that map, and then the map will switch to the next in the queue (with another random team configuration).  The player with the lowest score on the losing team at the end of each map will be eliminated from ability to win the tourney (though they can certainly continue to play – they just place an “x” next to their name).    At the half-way point we hold a “bonus round” whereby one eliminated player can re-enter play by getting the best score on the winning team for that map.  We've found that this format combines luck and skill in such a way that everyone, regardless of skill, has a shot to make it pretty far.

    PLEASE NOTE: The winner of this practice tourney will be awarded 1 “marathon point” for the upcoming LAN (scoring system for determining our LAN champ during each party) and will receive an extra raffle ticket for giveaway drawings at the event as well.

    EDIT:  Grats to Para on his tourney victory!  He has been awarded the following for the upcoming LAN:
    -1 marathon point
    -1 extra raffle ticket

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