Official Party Thread: LegendaryLAN Winter 2014

  • Legendary LAN 2023 is a wrap! Thanks to our 49 attendees! Until next year...
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    Post here with any thoughts on the newly announced LegendaryLAN Winter 2014 event!

    Legendary LAN Winter 2014 Pre-LAN Boiloff Tourney #1

    Wednesday January 15, 9PM – 10:30

    Anyone and everyone (even if you're not attending the next LAN) is welcome! 1st place will earn an extra raffle ticket for the upcoming LAN, and 1st-3rd finishers will earn a marathon point for LAN-day (used to determine LAN champion). We'll proceed with the tournament if we get at least 10 people. Rules below:

    Participants will be randomly split into two teams at the beginning of each map- Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist. Each round will proceed until one side has scored 4 wins on that map, and then the map will switch to the next in the queue (with another random team configuration). The player with the lowest score on the losing team at the end of each map will be eliminated from ability to win the tourney (though they can certainly continue to play – they just place an “x” next to their name). At the half-way point we hold a “bonus round” whereby one eliminated player can re-enter play by getting the best score on the winning team for that map. We've found that this format combines luck and skill in such a way that everyone, regardless of skill, has a shot to make it pretty far.

    There will be some gungame rounds mixed in to keep it fresh!

    Also, ONE lucky attendee who stays to the end of the tournament will win an extra raffle ticket for the upcoming LAN!!

    Please download the PCGAMER mappack on steam prior to coming!


    I'd like to suggest a game: DayZ  (also known as “DayZ Standalone”)

    It's an MMO (I think up to 40 can fit into a server) with a huge area that involves scavenging and avoiding zombies.  If we have a few hours to kill after CS:GO this might be a good bet.  We could form teams/bands and go roaming around for supplies.  It's also possible to play before the tourney and build up your arsenal.  The game's now in alpha and costs $30, though that will probably cost more as the development proceeds to beta testing and production.  Seems like an awesome game from the YouTube videos I've seen.  What do you think?


    Nevermind; I bought he alpha and what I thought was awesome from playing YouTube turned out to be a real challenge for me to play.  The game was choppy on my i7 processor (Intel HD4000 graphics) and I had trouble with the controls.  In a normal FPS, the controls are w-a-s-d, left-click, right-click pretty much, but in dayZ, you have to make use of the whole keyboard!  It's not something for me, maybe because I'm a geriatric gamer (at age 37!).  Anyway if you think it will be great for the LAN go for it!  But I will struggle with it 🙁  Oh well worth a try.


    Un-nevermind!  I'm getting into it more and starting to enjoy it, and figured out solutions to my problems.  Anyway check it out guys.


    Hey Claude!  There are several people from the LAN who are really into DayZ from what I see on Steam.  I will convey your request to our mystery game coordinator this year – kentoetc.  Thanks for the info on the game!


    Cool  8)
    If we do play dayZ, make sure that the server is configured to be “24/7 daytime”.  Otherwise, it will be nighttime in the game, which is too dark IMO and no fun.

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