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  • Legendary LAN 2023 is a wrap! Thanks to our 49 attendees! Until next year...
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    Thought this would be a good place to start conversing about the Minecraft server. If you would like to join but do not have the IP post below and I will get in touch with you. Server mods include admin and user owned shops, player races and classes (you can be the elf ranger you've always wanted to be) and a simple but effective economy system. More mechanics will be added as the server increases in size.

    The “official” kickoff for the server is set for March 7th (though you're welcome to get on there now). We will be getting things started with a LAN Party from 7pm – midnight on that day. Bring your PC and join us! Please message me if you would like to come. If you can't come but would still like to connect remotely that's fine too.

    Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1420846904824307/

    History Blog: http://legendaryland.wordpress.com/


    Sign me up!  😀


    I decided LegendaryLANd needed something to set the record straight. So I started a blog… taking this to far you ask? Definitely.

    I can't catch all the events going on server wide. If you have something you'd like to submit to the blog let me know!

    Link: http://legendaryland.wordpress.com/

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