Lay of the LAN podcast – episode 2

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    Hey guys,

      Thanks to all who tuned in to our last podcast (temporarily named PA LANCast).  Our next podcast, which is now named Lay of the LAN will be on September 23rd at 9:30 PM at


    The casters will be:


    with special guests browntown and Tycho from LegendaryLAN

    Topics will include (but not necessarily limited to):

    1.) Favorite Video game music (PC or console) / play game where casters / audience try to guess game music played over the cast via the chat tool on our stream page

    2.) Interview with Tycho, and browntown from LegendaryLAN about their event, early PC gaming / LAN memories etc.

    3.) Gears of War 3 released on September 20th and gri3v will give his initial thoughts on the game and the series as a whole.

    4.) Counter-Strike GO – thoughts on the game, possibly play gameplay footage through the stream, thoughts on cross platform gameplay, will this game succeed?

    5.) Fewer new releases are shipping with dedicated LAN support.  What will the LAN community do as a result of this? (Thanks to Krakah for the suggestion)

    6.) Best LAN game(s) of all time, and games that don't get enough attention at LANs that should

    We would like to keep the podcast around an hour long, so as time permits we will open up for any comments or potential to discuss after going through the topics above.  Please feel free to listen in and provide comments through the chat utility at our livestream page as we will be checking it throughout the cast for feedback from our audience

    Thanks and we hope that you are able to check it out!


    Hey Gri3v,

    Just wanted to say a big thanks for being such great hosts and having us come on as guests on your podcast.  I know I speak for browntown as well when I say that we had a blast and really appreciated all the offers of assistance and the positive way in which you spoke about our LL events.  It was good times reminiscing about LAN memories and being a part of something that I think could become a really great tool for growing the LAN subculture we've all come to love.

    TO ALL:  Make sure you take a look at the recording of the Lay of the LAN podcast in gri3v's original post that we recorded last Friday night – its worth your time!  Browntown and I are on there throughout.

    I know I will be tuning in each month now…


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