Duke Nukem Forever is alive! Again! With a real developer!

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    The most epic, convoluted origin story since Wolverine continues.  Just when you thought Duke was dead for good, Gearbox software (creators of Half-Life: Opposing Force and Borderlands) revealed today at the Penny Arcade Expo that they picked up where 3D Realms left off in late 2009 and have been working on Duke Nukem Forever ever since.  The game is targeted for a 2011 release.  Since 3D Realms no longer has full control of the project, it seems it may actually see the light of day this time.


    Duke Nukem Forever, the sequel to 1996's controversial Duke Nukem 3D, was first announced in 1997.  The original Duke3D used the Build engine, which was the most advanced “2.5D” first-person shooter engine to date.  Although it was eclipsed by the fully 3D Quake engine just a few months later, it featured sloped surfaces, which were achieved by setting height values for individual corners of a sector.  (Yes, this was advanced stuff at the time.)


    How crazy is that?  Any predictions on the final tally of development years?  Pretty crazy to think a game could take 15 years to be developed…

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