Re: Re: Official Party Thread: LegendaryLAN Winter 2014

  • Legendary LAN 2023 - Registration is Open! Nov 3-4 7PM - 7PM (24 hours)
  • First Pre-LAN event is coming on Sunday Sep 24!

I'd like to suggest a game: DayZ  (also known as “DayZ Standalone”)

It's an MMO (I think up to 40 can fit into a server) with a huge area that involves scavenging and avoiding zombies.  If we have a few hours to kill after CS:GO this might be a good bet.  We could form teams/bands and go roaming around for supplies.  It's also possible to play before the tourney and build up your arsenal.  The game's now in alpha and costs $30, though that will probably cost more as the development proceeds to beta testing and production.  Seems like an awesome game from the YouTube videos I've seen.  What do you think?