Re: Re: Official Party Thread: LegendaryLAN Winter 2014

  • Legendary LAN 2023 is a wrap! Thanks to our 49 attendees! Until next year...

Nevermind; I bought he alpha and what I thought was awesome from playing YouTube turned out to be a real challenge for me to play.  The game was choppy on my i7 processor (Intel HD4000 graphics) and I had trouble with the controls.  In a normal FPS, the controls are w-a-s-d, left-click, right-click pretty much, but in dayZ, you have to make use of the whole keyboard!  It's not something for me, maybe because I'm a geriatric gamer (at age 37!).  Anyway if you think it will be great for the LAN go for it!  But I will struggle with it 🙁  Oh well worth a try.