Re: Re: LegendaryLAN Winter 2011

  • Legendary LAN 2023 is a wrap! Thanks to our 49 attendees! Until next year...

Thanks for the great feedback gri3v!  It was great having you join us.

Agreed on the space.  I dont think we would go over 30 at aC's house.  To me, having been cramped out of my mind at my little place for the past few years of LANs, I bet it felt like more space than normal to our folks, lol.  But to the newcomer, I certainly understand.  I felt bad that you were sitting in such a transition area and were getting bumped all the time by people going by.  Thanks for being flexible and patient.

Part of me wants to look at renting a bigger venue, but another part of me likes how low-cost we currently are ($10 is a pretty good steal for a weekend of gaming, food, and prizes IMO).  This encourages participation by those that don't normally LAN and that pricetag would inevitably go up if we rent.  The other intangible is the “old-school feel” / “togetherness” factor that you get from hosting in someone's house.  Hard to quantify that aspect, but its there.

Anyway, we're considering all these things as we think about our next event – it will be great to hear from your experience if/when you guys do decide to try to rent a venue.  Your feedback is valuable in helping us perfect our craft!