2019 Worms Armageddon Tournament Details

  • Legendary LAN 2019 is November 15-16, 2019 (7PM-7PM)
  • Registration is now Open!
author image by Kenton Martin | 0 Comments | November 9, 2019

Format: 2v2, Single Elimination

To host, one person will click host and others will join on the host server (need to test LAN day). Run the game using Wormkit.exe. First time launching, create your own team in Options menu. This is also where you can set what will be your super weapon.

To be on the same team, click the color icon next to your team until it matches with your teammate. Each player controls 3 worms. Rule-set for the match is “Legendary LAN”. Host should click the map icon to randomly generate a map for the match. Worms will be placed randomly.

If you have never played before, there is a single player tutorial.


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