Legendary LAN 2017 – Pre-LAN Boiloff Tourney #1 Results

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author image by Tycho | 0 Comments | September 10, 2017

What a great night! Thanks to the 20 folks who came out to our first pre-LAN boiloff tournament event of 2017!

Congrats to Sparticus for the tourney win!


The finals on de_inferno were well-matched. OctanePro took an early lead with a few quick round wins, but Sparticus‘s team outlasted him with some quality bomb play. Gri3v rounded out the scoring with the 3rd place finish, and slacknate was our random raffle winner for the night.

Here’s a highlight from the action (thanks for streaming the event, OctanePro!).


Look for our next event in the coming weeks!


Scoring summary:

1MP + Additional Perk TBD:  Sparticus

1MP: OctanePro

1MP: Gri3v

Raffle: slacknate


Full Results below:

18 PLAYERS LEFT – ROUND 1: DE_WESTWOOD [CUSTOM] – Eliminated: Methos

17 PLAYERS LEFT – ROUND 2: CS_INSURGENCY [DE CUSTOM TRIPLE] Eliminated: Tycho, Master Kirby, Laric

14 PLAYERS LEFT – ROUND 3: AR_MONASTERY [DE GUNGAME] – Eliminated: kentoetc, Hasslesaurus

12 PLAYERS LEFT – ROUND 4: CS_OFFICE [DE] – Eliminated: Col Fedders, The Glass Squid

10 PLAYERS LEFT – ROUND 5: DE_CHINATOWN [DE CUSTOM] – Eliminated: CaffeineJunkie, lxEuphoricxl

8 PLAYERS LEFT – ROUND 6: DE_LAKE [PISTOL ONLY – BONUS] – Back in: lxEuphoricxl

9 PLAYERS LEFT – ROUND 7: CS_KUNAR [DE CUSTOM] – Eliminated: biomatrix, Strider

7 PLAYERS LEFT – ROUND 8: DE_CONTRA [DE CUSTOM] – Eliminated: lxEuphoricxl, somnus

5 PLAYERS LEFT – ROUND 9: SCOUTS_SKYLANDS_GT [DE] – Eliminated: slacknate, whale

3 PLAYERS LEFT – ROUND 11: DE_ROSE [SINGLE] – Eliminated: Gri3v


1 CHAMPION:  Sparticus


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