Re: Re: Baldur’s Gate Gaming Group

  • Legendary LAN 2023 is a wrap! Thanks to our 49 attendees! Until next year...

We played last night from about 9:30 – 11:30.  Adding Jeff Smyth to the list – he mentioned he'd like to join from time to time.  Welcome Jeff!


-Tybo (for about half the time)



Quest Updates:

-We finished up the Cloakwood portion of the main story arc.  We finished ransacking the Iron Throne base in the Cloakwood.  From notes in the leader's store room, we learned that the Iron Throne was attempting to stockpile iron, while starving other sources of iron in the region.  Why, we still do not know, but we decided to flood the mine on our way out to prevent them from using it in the future.  We freed the miners who were enslaved there and got a nice reputation bump from it.  From the notes, we learned that the leaders of the Iron Throne have a building in Baldurs Gate which is their home base.  Someone named Rieltar was communicating with the leader at the mines.  Another leader, Sarevok, was gathering an army nearby – again, for what we do not yet know.  The notes also referred to Tazok, whom we encountered at the bandit camp but were not able to kill.  Our next step will be to investigate the base in the city of Baldurs Gate.
-After returning to Beregost to rest and restock, we decided to set out to help an NPC, Kagain, regain some of his lost store shipment due to bandits.  We went to the south of Beregost, encountered 12+ ogres, saved a farm from an Xvart attack, and took out groups of roaming bandits.
-We returned to a previously explored zone and found the caravan we were looking for for Kagain.
-We decided to explore a ruin nearby called Ulcaster.  We destroyed groups of undead around the ruins, and found a ghost who told us about the history of the ruins (it was a school) and asked us to find a lost book at the bottom of the ruins.  We proceeded underground through an entrance we found, battling groups of undead wolves and finding a lot of good items.  After dying to several traps, we found the book and returned it for a good chunk of XP.