Re: Re: Baldur’s Gate Gaming Group

  • Legendary LAN 2023 is a wrap! Thanks to our 49 attendees! Until next year...

Play sessions on 3/13 and 3/14:

-Tybo (half the time)
-JD (half the time)
-Tanner (half the time)
-Phil (a little while)


Quest Updates:
-Since we didn't have everyone, we decided to take on some of the expansion content.
-We proceeded north to a farm and found many zombies roaming around.  We took them out for a small reward from the farm owner.
-We proceeded east to Ulgoth's Beard – a small town.  Upon entering town, we spoke with a tour guide running groups to the dangerous Durlag's tower.  We paid 50 gold to go on the tour and decided to meet him there later.
-We talked to a mage in town next who requested that we retrieve a missing cloak for him.  We agreed and he immediately whisked us away to an ice island in the middle of nowhere (to our surprise).  Apparently the island was a trap for teleporting mages, and had trapped many who were stuck on the island.  We had to battle our way through several groups of insane mages looking for ways off the island.  We finally found the mage with the cloak and managed to escape the island, returning it for a good chunk of XP.
-Next we decided to go on the tour.  We traveled to Durlags.  Roaming around outside were two Battle Horrors – two tough hand-to-hand fighters that our barbarian helped dispatch.  Another guy was selling some nice stuff for adventurers.
-We met the tour guide and went inside – there were a group of other tourists there.  After listening to the tour, we saw a tourist get demolished by a flamestrike trap, and he warned us about the danger of the place, etc.  After finishing the tour, a demon knight appeared out of nowhere and fireballed all the tourists (and us, twice), telling us to leave. then disappeared.  We decided to go downstairs to a lower level.  Upon going downstairs, we encountered an injured adventurer who had left his companions who were at a lower level.  He warned us of the danger of the place – saying it smelled like death.
-We proceeded into the first level of the dungeon, encountering several ghasts and skeleton warriors, and many very difficult traps (with many deaths and reloads resulting).  We found several contraptions and cryptic messages indicating we had to do something with them, but did not solve any of the puzzles.  We managed to clear most of the level.  We found a boat load of gold and loot, potions, ammo, etc, and a door to the next level that we did not yet try.

Notable Items Found:
-Un-ID'd Plate Mail
-Ring of Protection +1
-Bullets, arrows, bolts +2, others
-many assorted potions
-Wand of paralyzation and wand of monster summoning