Re: Re: Baldur’s Gate Gaming Group

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We held a play session on 3/10.



Main Quest updates:
-We completed one thieving quest before starting out on the main quest.  Brian met a fellow thief outside of an Inn, and stood watch while they went in to do some thieving.  A guard approached Brian and he signaled the alarm as ordered.  We ran from the guards and met back at the thieves guild for a 100 gold reward.  We received a new quest to do something similar.
-We decided to head off and do the main quest next.  We began investigating the Seven Suns trading coster as requested by the head of the guard, Scar.  We found the building in the southern end of town and went in and began talking with merchants.  The first merchant we talked to left saying he saw other merchants “changing faces”.  We spoke with others and kept pestering them for information until we eventually confronted them with what we knew.  They all instantly changed into dopplegangers and we defeated all of them.  We proceeded to the basement and found Jhasso imprisoned, who we had been sent to talk to.  He thanked us, implicating the Iron Throne, and we returned to Scar to report our findings.
-Scar rewarded us for succeeding in getting to the bottom of the issue with the Seven Suns.  He requested that we investigate the disappearance of some citizens of baldurs gate in the east part of town – looking to the sewers.  Since we had already found the ogre mage responsible, we simply reported that and were rewarded handsomely. 
-Scar then asked us to sneak into the Iron Throne compound and try to find evidence of criminal activity related to the iron crisis in the region.  We proceeded to the large building in town and entered, talking to various folks and asked whether we could be “hired”.  They directed us to the 4th floor.  On the way up, some smooth talking by Manslaughter got us into a fight (big surprise 🙂 ).  We began working our way up the floors of the tower.  Coming to the 4th floor, we were mistaken for an emissary and played along to gain entrance to the 5th floor.  At the 5th floor, we were confronted with a large company of well-equipped Iron Throne leaders.  They quickly realized our deception and we were into a tough fight.  After dying once due to dough flamestrike hits, we reloaded and tried again with better buffs, using some valuable potions, managing to take out the group which included at least 4 mages, and 3 tough fighters.
-After the battle we obtained documents implicating the organization in the iron crisis, and called it quits for the night.

Notable Items Found:
-Halberd +2
-Wand of the Heavens
-Wand of Lightning
-Several good protection scrolls
-Gauntlets of THACO +1
-Ring of Free Action