Re: Re: Baldur’s Gate Gaming Group

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Play session on 3/9.

-Tybo's character, w/o Tybo 🙂  (we thought he was going to join us, but did not)


Quest Updates:
-Since we didn't have the full crew, we decided to focus on side quests in Baldurs gate.
-We decided to pursue a side quest we had in our journal involving freeing a captive nymph.  The nymph was held captive by a mage named Ragefast.  Another mage who owned a huge tower in the city hired us for the task, and we were to bring the nymph back to him.  We traveled to the southwest corner of the city and found Ragefast's home.  Through some smoothtalking by our burglar, we managed to get him to see the error of his ways and free the nymph.  The nymph gave us a lock of her hair and left.  We ended up taking the lock of hairy to a magic shop and they wove it into a cloak for us which boosts charisma.
-Upon returning to the mage that hired us, he was angry that we had freed the nymph, and teleported to the top of his tower.  We decided to ascend the tower floor by floor battling his minions – groups of mustard jellys, elite hobgoblins, kobold commandos and ghasts, and ourselves at one point (yes, the old mage – me – blew up our party by accident with a fireball).  We made it to the top and our burglar single handedly took him down using his magic items.  Lots of great loot.
-While tracking down the nymph, we had met a priest of Tymora who's son had been killed by a rival temple – the Water Queen.  We took a quest to retrieve the body from the temple.  Upon arriving at the temple, we were denied the body, and ended up fighting the evil priestesses.  We returned the body to the Tymoran priest and he resurrected his son.  We were awarded a good pair of bracers.

Notable Items found:
-Bracers of THACO +1
-Nymph Cloak – Charisma +2
-Wand of Palatalization
-Book of Intelligence +1
-Ring of Protection +2