Re: Re: Baldur’s Gate Gaming Group

  • Legendary LAN 2023 is a wrap! Thanks to our 49 attendees! Until next year...

This update includes 2 play sessions – Wed 1/19 and Fri 1/21.  Lots of good progress!

-JD (half the time)
-Brian (half the time)


Quest Updates (lots of updates): 
-We began by going for sidequests since we didn't have a critical mass for crashing baldurs gate and going ahead with the main storyline.  We decided to set out for a zone 2 north of the hobbit villiage Gullykin.
-It turned out to be a pretty light zone.  We found one guy who asked for a scroll to be returned from some ettercaps.  We killed them and returned it for some XP.  In the middle of the zone was a shrine with a big group of red wizards (4).  They attacked us after a brief convo and we took them out thanks to an effective silence spell which rendered them ineffective.
-After clearing the zone we found a forest zone to the west called Larswood.  In this zone we found a druid grove and were attacked by a mad druid (Brian's aggressive talking ensured we fought).  We took him out and found a nice spear.
-We found a huge group of gibberlings (20+) and took them out, and at the end of the fight a drow wizard randomly appeared out of nowhere.  It turned out he was a hidden NPC we found named Baeloth (owner of the Black Pits arena).  Incredibly effective wizard and we brought him along.
-After clearing this zone, we proceeded north to a farm zone.  We found a large hole in the ground which turned out to be a network of ankheg tunnels.  Taking out many of them we found a treasure hoard and a body.  We returned the body to a local farm and it turned out to be the farmers son (we returned the body and donated money for a nice XP and rep bonus).
-We found a group of fisherman complaining about a local witch using the weather to harm their business.  We agreed to help and proceeded north to the bridge to baldurs gate and found her.  Some aggressive talking by Brian (again 🙂 ), found us in another fight and she surrendered toward the end of the battle and warned us the fisherman weren't everything they seemed.  We left her alive and returned to talk to the fisherman and learned they were actually in league with a rival “god”. We took a water elemental summoning bowl they had stolen.  For good measure, we returned to the witch and took her out, keeping the bowl.

Main Quest:
-We decided to proceed into baldurs gate!  Upon crossing the bridge, we encountered the captain of the guard of BG.  He said strange things were happening in the city and asked for our aid in investigation.  He mentioned one of the major trading companies in the city – the Seven Suns, was making odd business deals and a contact he knew personally there was not acting himself.  We agreed to investigate and proceeded into the city.  We also know there is an Iron Throne base somewhere in the city.
-In the first zone in the city, we found many shops (some with very good items and spells) and inns.  We briefly went into the sewers and found an ogre mage controlling carrion crawlers who were apparently eating people on the surface.  We took them out. 
-We went back to the surface and ran into a thief who approached us with a job offer.  Going into the thieves guild, we were offered several thieving jobs – one to raid 3 items from a nobles house related to construction of airships.  This was time sensitive so we did this first.  Brian effective snuck into the estate and pilfered the items on the first try.  We returned them to the guild but were betrayed and attacked.  Killing the assassin, we gained the respect of the guild and got free run of the place.
-We encountered a man who attacked us for killing some hunters in the cloakwood (and found an odd ring on the ogre mage that bore his name).
-We heard a rumor about an untrustworthy mage and found him randomly in a house.  He wanted some bodies from the sewers and we brought him one for some XP.  Unsure what he will do next.

Notable items found:
-Backbiter (cursed spear +3)
-Sling +2 (bought in Sorcerers Sundries in BG)
-Wand of Paralyzation
-Cloak of Protection +1 (bought)
-Ring of energy
-Wand of Fire