Re: Re: Baldur’s Gate Gaming Group

  • Legendary LAN 2023 is a wrap! Thanks to our 49 attendees! Until next year...

We held a brief play session this afternoon.

Tanner (half the time)


Quest Updates:
-We finished exploring the Gullykin (hobbit town) zone.  Only other thing we found was a group of assassins (sent from the Iron Throne) to kill us.  Tough fight but we came out on top.
-We decided to head north to a wilderness zone.  We encountered MANY tough Bassilisk enemies (a new one).  They can shoot a petrification ability.  We killed several using a protection from petrify spell but after our burglar got turned to stone, we had to return to town to stock up on Stone to Flesh scrolls.  We returned and finished off many other Lesser and Greater Bassilisks,
-We freed a woman in stone and she thanked us – gained 1 rep and bunch of XP.
-We encountered a new NPC – SharTeel.  She wanted to fight a male representative in the group.  Tanner was the nominee and he won the fight, and then she offerred to join us.
-We encountered a crazy gnome who was controlling a group of Bassilisks and creating “stone sculptures”.  Took him out.
-We encountered a cocky group of adventurers.  Our smooth talking burglar talked his way into a fight, and we took them out.  Lots of good loot.

Notable items found:
-un-ID'd belt
-un-ID'd gauntlets
-2 +1 morningstars
-2 +1 longswords

In other news, JD jumped 10k XP in the stats!