Re: Re: Baldur’s Gate Gaming Group

  • Legendary LAN 2023 is a wrap! Thanks to our 49 attendees! Until next year...

A small group played for a while late last night (2-14-2014).



Quest Updates:
-We decided to hold off on the main quest until more folks could join in.
-Brian elected to lead the group to the Firewine Bridge
-We encountered an odd priest who got mad at us for not listening to him (random).
-We listened to a bard's tale about the Firewine Bridge ruins
-We encountered a lady who was complaining about a voice talking to her from a “jar” she had.  We offered to take the jar off her hands, but in the process she exploded and whatever was in the “jar” came out – a very powerful ogre mage with mirror images, protection from normal missles, and a globe of invulnerability.  Normally, an extremely difficult opponent – however, Tybo's nuke mace left him immobile in the first few seconds of the fight and we brought him down easily.  Good loot.
-We fought a guy who ran up to us and called himself an “expert swordsman” and attacked us.  Decent sword on him.
-We descended into the Firewine Bridge Ruins –  a massive maze network of tunnels, disarming traps and taking out tons of kobold commandos with fire arrows.  Found a group of ghosts who wanted the return of their comrade.  Found ancient armor on a skeleton and returned to the ghosts, who were now at peace – good XP gain.
-Defeated a tough group of ogrillons, a mage, and an ogre mage guarding an exit.
-Left the dungeon through an exit to the Hobbit village of Gullykin.  Spoke to the mayor who thanked us for clearing the ruins since its inhabitants where terrorizing the halflings.  Brian proceeded to pilfer goodies from the innocent hobbit holes.

Notable items found:
-Level 5 spell Cloudkill
-Level 3 spells lightning bolt, fireball, and hold person
-Wand of magic missles
-+1 Longsword
-Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise
-+2 Dagger of Venom (purchased from Smithy in Beregost)
-Sling +1