2019 Team Fortress 2 Tournament Details

  • Legendary LAN 2019 is November 15-16, 2019 (7PM-7PM)
  • Registration is now Open!
author image by Kenton Martin | 0 Comments | November 9, 2019

Format: 5v5, Double Elimination

Servers are setup in competitive mode. Weapons restricted based on UGC Highlander banned items list for balance.
Matches will all be Attack/Defend (King of the Hill). Control point in middle of the map. The team that controls for 3 minutes total wins.

Round 1 (8 teams, 4 servers): Map koth_nucleus
Round 2 (8 teams, 4 servers): Map koth_sawmill
Round 3 (4 teams, 2 servers): Map koth_harvest_final
Round 4 (4 teams, 3rd place match + final): Map koth_viaduct
Round 5 (if needed): Map koth_lakeside_final

Controls: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/List_of_default_keys

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