Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Review: Is It Still Good in 2023?

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receipt software

One of the managers called me back from home on a Saturday to walk me through the procedure. I’ve been using paperless ever since I got my ScanSnap, and ScanSnap receipts has a definite advantage. In the two days that I’ve been using it, I’ve noticed that it does a far far better job of capturing the information then does paperless.


The major drawback is that the free plan requires you to buy OCR scans if you don’t want to manually input values. You only receive two free OCR scans, and must purchase the rest inside the app. This would be fine for those who are willing to pay for the scans, but the OCR scan is not completely accurate at detecting prices of receipts. This means that you end up having to edit the total value—which defeats the point of why you paid for OCR scans. Smart Receipts is another dedicated receipt management app that has the ability to generate reports and visualizations. It also has a variety of specific customization settings to help you organize your receipts according to your preferences.

How To Choose The Best Receipt Scanner App For Your Rental Business?

Throughout our tests, it rendered PDFs with clear text and accurate colors. It even did a decent job of scanning photographs (though we wouldn’t feed treasured old photos through it for fear they’d be bent — a flatbed model is still best for such an application). The process of taking photos of every page does make scanning longer documents time consuming.

In these interviews with our customers, they describe the following benefits of being able to save and capture receipts in digital format. Email receipts to your Shoeboxed account Forward receipts to a designated Shoeboxed email address provided when you sign up. Any receipts that you forward will automatically appear in your Shoeboxed account. FileCenter is a leading document management software with powerful tools to manage your receipts. Nevertheless, the generation of graphs and reports is a useful feature of the app. The fact that graphs auto-generate is especially handy and means you can easily keep up-to-date with the latest expenses.

Whites weren’t as bright, the filters weren’t very good at getting rid of shadows, and the auto-crop tended to leave slivers of the background around the piece of paper. Those Actions we mentioned earlier are interesting, using Lens’s scanning prowess to accomplish more focused tasks. “Text” extracts text from an image without actually capturing a scanned image. “Read” captures text from a document and then reads it back to you in a synthesized voice. “Contact” captures a business card and populates the relevant info directly into an Android or iOS contact card.

Has a host of powerful tools to tame your piles of paper or drives full of digital files. And let’s not forget cloud-based options that alleviate the need to maintain storage servers or keep software up to date. Receipt Scanning applications for automating expense reporting and other accounting processes with Optical Character Recognition . For analyzing spending patterns—Easily and directly track transactions, expenses, the cost of goods, and invoices. Try our systematic approach to receipt categories for tax time.

OCR Experts for Any Project

What if this receipt needs to be shown to the IRS or to the store where you made the purchase? Having a clear digital copy can save you from having an unreadable paper receipt. There may also be instances where you need to access your receipts from somewhere else, and having them stored in the cloud would allow you this convenience. Some of us also keep our receipts for years for accounting purposes and having electronic copies of your receipts allows you to avoid worrying about any physical damage to your paper receipts. We can always retrieve old receipts on the go from our storage system.

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We were surprised by the software capabilities offered by the simple Scanner Pro App. It spits out PDF files that you can easily manage within your phone’s native file system and transfer directly into an email or text message or save to cloud services like Google Drive. It also has optical character recognition that is about 95% accurate. Finally, you can change all of its various options via a familiar, mobile touch screen interface, which is much easier than sifting through the PC-based software packages of the other models we reviewed. A device’s software can easily make or break your scanning experience. Ideally, you want software that makes installation simple, offers intuitive file management, and can make scanned documents text-searchable using Optical Character Recognition .

Apple Notes

One is named “Checking Accounts” and within that there are sub-folders for each checking account I had back then. And because most computers let you search files by name, you can easily find your March 2003 Citibank checking account statement if you ever needed to, within seconds. Or look for the receipt for that couch you bought at Ikea back in the early 2000s. My wife is constantly astounded by how fast I can locate old documents she needs.

I’d say if you’re already using Mariner Paperless there isn’t much of an advantage to switching to this. I read that the software only works with U.S. dollars, which I assume explains the limitation. Hopefully, they’ll expand the currencies and make it more widely available. Very helpful info…but it’s a pretty techie workaround, and this is a problem (not a “bug” as others may call it) that Fujitsu needs to acknowledge and fix asap. Some additional user-defined categorisation fields might also be helpful.

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2) When you scan a receipt, the OCR attempts to determine the Vendor, which is fine except it stores that vendor in the database, even if it’s unreadable hieroglyphics. What’s worse, there is no way to go in and delete entries from the list of vendors. You could also use one of the mobile expense tracking apps, such as Expensify to achieve the same thing.

That fact is more than enough to render the ADS-4900W our current favorite mid- to high-volume sheetfed scanner for small to medium-size offices, workgroups, and enterprises. It stands out not because of any ground-breaking features or firsts, but because this is a terrific, rock-solid machine. This tutorial’s receipt scanner project serves as a starting point for building a full-fledged receipt scanner application. Using this tutorial as a starting point — and then extend it by adding a GUI, integrating it with a mobile app, etc. To start scanning, simply open the app and hit the floating camera button, which will open the camera viewfinder. You can check out options like flash, orientation etc. to make sure that you capture the best picture.

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I currently focus my testing efforts on 3D printers, pro and productivity displays, and drives and SSDs of all sorts. Customers are given a unique sticker they pair with a mobile app. They then scan this sticker on a special reader at the checkout, which pushes the receipt to their smartphone, storing it within the app. You know, just in case they want to revisit it later to figure out how they managed to spend £100 on two meals and a bottle of mouthwash — thanks, Brexit. 6) Use cloud storage systems, if you’re comfortable storing your personal papers online.

It’s a successful one-stop desktop scanning shop at a reasonable price. For medium- to heavy-volume scanning in all but the largest offices, the Brother ADS-4900W serves as an industrial-strength desktop option. Some competitors from the likes of Raven operate via big touch screens, but if you just need reliable, basic bulk document digitization for your business, this model is a great option. We’ve outlined below the top scanners that we have tested across a range of categories and possible usage scenarios. “Scan” the list for the kind of work you do, then read on below that for a deeper dive into scanner specs and how to choose the right model for what, exactly, you scan. Since 2004, I have worked on PCMag’s hardware team, covering at various times printers, scanners, projectors, storage, and monitors.

For example, many, many companies using xero and its marketshares are for repeat purchases. If the vendor is recognized, we should have the option to have the category, tax status, etc. auto-filled with the most common values for that vendor. The point of using a receipt program isn’t to do all this work organizing receipts – you presumably want to do something with the information. For example, let’s take this receipt from Aunt Chilada’s. Perhaps my delicious carnitas tacos was a business expense, but I wanted the “Hand-Tossed Marg.” to be a personal expense.

fujitsu scansnap

An email will be sent to you afterwards with the Receipt software inside. I’ve had Neat Desk since 2011 & have a ton of receipts, but moving them over is not as bad as I thought. Hmm, you could export the PDFs from Neat and import the PDFs into ScanSnap Receipt. I don’t know of a way you can import, say, a CSV with all your categories etc. already set That’d be nice.


By “reading” the information on your receipts, rule-based automation can sort your receipts based on the criteria you establish. For example, you can automatically sort receipts from a certain vendor together, include receipts for purchases over a certain amount in a filter, and append receipts from a certain date range into a single document. The app not only lets you take images of receipts to store, but it can also scan your gallery for images with text. Once you enable this function, Evernote will even notify you when you take a photo of a receipt with your main camera app and ask if you want to store it. The best way to sort your receipts, so that you can easily filter through them at a later stage, is to add a label specially for them.

Whether it’s for tax purposes, business expense management, or personal budget interest, holding onto physical receipts is a bit of a hassle and chore. But luckily, with advancements in image recognition and financial apps, you can now keep track of your receipts using your smartphone. SwiftScan’s paid apps perform automatic OCR on every scan, and can do so in 102 languages in the iOS app and 60 in the Android app . In our testing, the results were nowhere near as accurate as what you’d get from a hardware document scanner but still ranked near the top of the pack for scanning apps. Adobe Scan, Microsoft Lens, and Apple Notes all performed slightly better, but SwiftScan is fine for quick OCR work. If your work involves transcriptions, contracts, and other legal documents, you probably need highly accurate text recognition and an automatic document feeder to handle large jobs.

The scanner handles double-sided scans effectively, so I understand the need for order when scanning—less clear is the need for orientation. My old Neat scanner recognized orientation on the device and usually fixed it automatically before sending the scan on to storage. With the RR-600W, once the images arrive on the host device, reorientation remains manual. This is an issue for a device that ships with “smart scan” software.

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