• Legendary LAN 2022 - Registration is Open! Nov 18-19 7PM - 7PM (24 hours)
  • Third pre-LAN event: PUBG boiloff on Sunday October 30, 8:30 PM EST


Legendary LAN is a PC gaming community with a passion for creating truly legendary LAN party experiences.

Legendary LANs

We’re passionate about the PC gaming scene, and have been doing LANs since the days of CRT’s and Win95. We want to see more people catch a passion for LAN and see the LAN scene thrive!

20 LANs over 15 years

Friendly Community

A gaming community that is open to newcomers, friendly and accessible to the non-hardcore gamer. Never been to a LAN? We’d love to have you join us!

40 Man LAN Events

200+ Unique Attendees

Unique LAN Format

Why lug your PC somewhere only to play games by yourself? We’ve devised a unique “marathon” LAN format meant to include everyone, give the LAN some structure, and maximize fun and interaction.

80+ Tournaments over 15 years

4+ Tournaments per LAN

1 LAN Champion

Great Memories

Based out of Harrisburg, PA, the annual LAN has become a reunion of sorts for old friends, and a means of making new ones. The group has a rich legacy and we’re committed to making many more great memories at LANs for years to come.

Members from New England to California

Legendary LAN 2022

Legendary LAN is back! The event is set for: November 18-19 (FRI-SAT, 7PM-7PM).

LAN Sponsors

Reigning LAN Champion - YoungShion

Reigning Headcrab Victim - Simthaniel

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